Titanium retainers M104/M102-16v/M111/M120/M119 Type 1

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Titanium retainers M104/M102-16v/M111/M120/M119

Fits all M104 engines with our double valve springs and 7mm valves!

Also fits with Mercedes OEM straight springs and m104.980 doubled springs.

Use 1.3 mm shims by using mercedes OEM springs!

Reduces the weight by half from the OEM retainers.

Revlimit with our valve springs 10,000 rpm

With m104.980 springs 8500 rpm.

Not recommended for every day car, just for racing use and best response with mechanical lifters.

Does not fit conical valve springs from m104.942 / 995!

If you have conical valve springs and will upgrade to double, you must also have the bottom washer https://turbobandit.ee/en/engine/157-20603.html

Price for one piece


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