We offer a carefully selected assortment of reliable turbochargers tailored to our specifications, the TB series, standalone management systems, manifolds of exceptional quality designed and built in our workshop, and other high quality automotive products. All products have been tested and used for years on our own cars so we know what quality control is all about. 

It all began in 2006 when we tuned our Mercs in a friend's garage. After testing a variety of products marketed to tuning enthusiasts we soon discovered that the most expensive hardware is not always the best. It’s easy to be convinced by sales talk, and by self-professed experts who know everything about everything. Moreover, you often end up paying more for less. With this in mind, we started Turbobanditen.se which later became Turbobandit.com. Our mission? To offer quality products at reasonable prices, without compromising reliability and performance. 

As a result of many years of struggle, we’ve arrived at a range of products tailored to our specifications, manufactured by reputable factories and designed by talented engineers. What’s more, they’ve proven to work fantastically well!

With all the hard work involved, it’s important to maintain a healthy sense of humor – something we try to squeeze into our daily work routine. It’s fun to get involved in wacky projects, but also to avoid the dull, pedestrian, work environment and corporate image typically associated with small industrian business ventures such as ours. 

It is better to donate money to save the children, or any other good cause than to burn them on unnecessarily expensive tuning stuff and then still being overtaken by one of our cars. It has happened many times ...

To conclude:

We offer a carefully selected and field-tested range of our own-brand turbochargers (the TB series), reliable management systems, custom-made manifold designs tried and tested over many years, as well as other related tuning accessories all of equally high quality.

We run exclusively with products from our own range and have done so since 2006.