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TB90 BLACK DEATH 1400HP+ You will never find a 90mm turbina with such a fast spoolup as our BLACK DEATH! Faster than the wind! Perfect for everybody! Billet 8 and 11 blades Extended Tip Technology compressor wheel!


  • 1,06 A/R
  • 5" intake
  • 3" outlet
  • 90mm inducer
  • 119mm exducer


  • T4 Divided flange
  • 1.07 A/R
  • 3.5-4.0 adapter v-band outlet
  • 88mm inducer
  • 78mm exducer
  • Oilcooled

Vband kit + gaskets include

Availiable for purchase

Very fast spooled and durable turbochargers. You can run high boost pressure of 3 bar, using launch control, ASL and you get 1 year warranty!

One may wonder, if the big brands turbochargers are so much stronger and better why you get no guarantee when you buy them ? Or you could always run the truck turbo Holset, full throttle today and get the full boost pressure tomorrow, much lag and tear drivetrain for free! Or you could always run Turbina! Fast spool and durability for a great price! Size: Diameter 24 cm Length 26 cm

All parts come from the same factories as well-known turbo brands.

All parts are extremely well balanced separately from the manufacturer.

All our turbochargers assembled in our workshop!!!

Important! 2mm restrictor for oilfeed Minimum 16mm inlet size of the oildrain

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