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1300hp fuel system Mercedes w124 stock replacement kit

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1300hp fuel system  (5009)

  • 2x turbobandit fuelpumps
  • 1x double fuelpump bracket
  • 2x fuelpump fuel rail
  • 1x an10 fuelfeed line 430cm
  • 1x an8 fuelreturn line 270cm
  • 1x an10 line between fuelfilter and fuelrail 100cm
  • 1x an8 line between fuelrail and fuel pressure regulator
  • 1x fuelfilter 100 micron (e85)
  • 1x Fuel pressure regulator BIG ball focker

Fuel pressure control

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Mercedes stock replacement.

Michael Bolton w124 Fits even other wagons.

Industrial teflon lined stainless steel braided hose ,can not even be compared to unreliable rubber hose and AN blue/red fittings!c


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