This list applies to turbo conversion of the Mercedes straight six.

However, they also applies similar principles when it comes to turbo conversion, most of them cars that do not have a turbo from the beginning.

We get a lot of the same questions all the time. To save time and make it easier for you so here is a list of answers to your questions.


What kind of diff should I have? What diff capable of much Hp?

 How much your diff can handle depends a lot on the power curve you have. Do you have a truck turbo with much lag, your diff will break. With a good race turbo and smooth and soft power curve, your diff can handle a lot. It also plays the role of the gearbox and the clutch you have. With automatic transmission, your diff can handle much more power. It works with most ASD 185mm diff but larger ASD 210mm diff even better. 210mm is very strong.


What tranny do I need?

The best tranny is 722.3 or 722.6.

Automatic transmission is much more reliable and stronger than manual gearboxes. If your gearbox gears quickly and well and does not slip between gears you can usually run up to 500-600 hp without gearbox modification.


What do I need to do with my engine ???

If you have the M103 or M104 (280,300,320) engine and it is in good condition , it can handle easy up to 600 hp without having to change anything in the engine.

 To change to a new head gasket is preferred. M104 engine needs to lower the compression if you are going to boost more than 0.8 bar. (regular gas)  and 2.0 bar E85. To lower compression you can machine the pistons or have thicker gasket. M103 has already low compression, you can run high boost without opening the engine. If you have more than 700 hp so we recommend changing the rods to the H-Beam.

Stock pistons however capable of over 1200 HP

M103 and M104.992 (3.2) has single valve springs and should not be reved more than 6800 rpm

M104.980 3.0 has double springs stock and can be reved to 8000 rpm

 We have both shims for the M103 and inner valve springs for m104.992 in our webshop. For the boost pressure of 2 bar, we recommend the 12: 9 bolts, stock head gasket handle 3bar +++


Hi, do you have a cheaper Turbokit ? I do not need 600 hp, 300 is enough for me.

In order to get 300 hp, we must perform exactly the same work. So the price for 300 hp and 600 hp is the same.

You have to build a complete Turbokit and install complete EFI system.


What is the most necessary I must have to turbocharge my car ???

EFI kit for both NA and Turbo engine

ECU Standalone magament system
Fuel injectors
Ignition coil/coils  (Basic/ wasted spark/ Coil on plug)
Allways better to make a new engine wiring harness.
Power supplie station + relays
CLT water temp sensor 
IAT Air temp sensor (connected near the throttle body)
TPS Throttle possion sensor
Wideband Lambda sensor
VR/Hall Crank position sensor
VR/Hall Cam position sensor
Triggerwheel 60-02.
(MS3X can support then most of the different models triggers on the market so you can use stock triggerwheel)
If your car does not have EFI system from the begining and instead has carburator or K-jet system then you even need new, modern fuel system:
Fuelrail, Fuel pressure regulator and new fuel lines.
For the turbo you even need stronger fuel pump.

Turbokit basic parts:
Exhaust Turbomanifold
Blow of valve
Oilfeed support for turbo
Oildrain return from the turbo to the oilpan
Airfilter Openair
Intake pipes between turbo and intercooler and between intercoller and intake manifold.
Silicone hoses and clamps for intake pipes.
Downpipe + exhaust system
If your car does not have EFI system from the begining and instead has carburator or K-jet system then you even need new, modern fuel system:
Fuelrail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel lines and stronger fuelpump.
Good to have things:
Fuel pressure sensor to control fuelpressure.
Knock sensor to control detonation.