Complete M103 (up to 600hp)

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Turbokit complete M103 (up to 600hp)

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Turbokit complete M103 (up to 600hp) includes:

Turbokit basic

  • Turbina
  • 60mm wastegate
  • 50mm BOV
  • Turbo manifold
  • Oil feed kit (5001)
  • The oil drain kit  (5007)

EFI kit

  • MS3X ECU 4 bar mapsensor + intern wideband lambda controller with much higher accuracy then other controllers on the marked / Bluetooth
  • Knock sensor intern modul with extreem high accuracy
  • Knock sensor Fuel pressure sensor with controlfrom the ECU Engine harness , custom made, soldered pins instead clamped like stock harness, waterproof!
  • Wideband sensor LSU 4.9
  • VR sensor
  • VR sensor bracket
  • Camshaft sensor
  • Camshaft sensor plate
  • Triggerwheel
  • Injectors 2200cc incl filters and adapters, perfect squrt at low RPM
  • 6pcs injectorfilter adapters (long) 
  • Wasted spark racing coil
  • Racing spark cables Ignition coil bracket
  • CLT
  • TPS
  • IAT
  • Fuel pressure sensor
  • 3 port boost controller soldenoid

Fuel kit

Basic fuel kit for running mercedes stock fuelpumps and fuel lines up to 500hp. Industrial teflon lined stainless steel braided hose ,can not even be compared to unreliable rubber hose and AN blue/red fittings! (5003)

  •  Fuel pressure regulator
  • 1 meter from stock line to fuelrail AN6
  • 1 meter from fuelrail to FPR
  • 1 meter from FPR to stock line return

Intercooler 300x400x76

Oilcooler 15 row 

Oilcooler kit (5004)

Maximum RPM 6500

What do you need to do by yourself?

Weld intakes pipes, exhaust system and install M3X harness

Most important of all you need to find good tuner to make a perfect tune for your engine!

After we have received your payment, it takes about 2-3 weeks to manufacture all parts

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