M104 EFI kit

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Fuel pressure control

Boost control

Knock sensor


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M104 EFI kit includes:

  • MS3X ECU 4 bar mapsensor + intern wideband lambda controller with much higher accuracy then other controllers on the marked 
  • Bluetooth
  • Knock sensor intern modul with extreem high accuracy
  • Knock sensor
  • Fuel pressure sensor with controlfrom the ECU
  • Engine harness , custom made, soldered pins instead clamped like stock harness, waterproof!
  • Wideband sensor LSU 4.9
  • VR sensor
  • VR sensor bracket
  • Triggerwheel
  • Injectors 627-2200cc incl filters and adapters, perfect squrt at low RPM
  • 627cc 600HP 95-98 oktan gas, 980cc 650hp E85, 2200cc everything above 600hp
  • Racing COP coils
  • CLT
  • TPS
  • IAT
  • 3 port boost controller soldenoid

After we have received your payment, it takes about 1 week to manufacture all parts.

For fuel system up to 500hp we recommend this system (BASIC FUEL KIT): 

For fuel system above 500-600hp and up to 1400-1500hp this system (1300HP fuel system):

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